now that the weather seems to have shifted towards spring, i will allow myself to write this post. spring is not only my favorite time of year in new orleans because of the weather. the colorful prints, the array of vegetables becoming available in the grocery, the sandals, swimsuits, rose wine, white and lace and scalloped shorts – it’s all so inspiring! here is a gathering¬†of my favorite spring-time things.



as soon as the weather turns spring-like in the least bit, i get the itch to be back in venice. it is such a hauntingly beautiful and unique place, especially in the spring and fall.

and without further ado, here’s what’s doing this week over at jefferson and jane…

just warning you, this one’s a good one.

since there’s been so much talk in these parts about the no-meat friday rule during lent, i thought i’d indulge this past weekend on a little bit of good old-fashioned red meat. my man friend and i went over to my parents house to grill some flank steak, and we made these killer korean steak tacos. get your pen and paper ready – you’re going to want to write this one down.



i’ve had my eye on jamie meares of the ever-awesome blog i suwannee and shop owner of furbish studio. she’s been all over the internet in the past year or so with the overwhelming success of her store and design firm. she is fearless, funky, and very, very talented. the thing i love most about her style and aesthetic is that it’s the opposite of matchy-matchy. her motto is “dare to mix” – and in that regard, her interiors come off as effortlessly composed and definitely not trying too hard.


she gets it, and i like it.

whenever i’m in need of some creative juice-flowing, i hop on over to her website where i’m bound to find just the thing. here are my top ten picks from furbish studio!