working on a very fun project for a young couple that just bought their first new orleans home. it’s got an interesting layout – so definitely a few design problems to solve. who knows where the process will lead me, but i usually do best by starting out with colors. i know this is a pretty glam (feminine) bedroom, but hear me out! love the combination of brass and the various textures of the blush/nude used above. i think if it’s grounded by some navy and rich patterns, a living room could end up feeling sophisticated, comfortable, and sufficiently masculine all at the same time.




a young couple recently approached me about re-decorating their master bedroom on a budget. these always end up being my favorite projects because they require a little bit of creativity and restraint. it’s also really fun to work in the client’s existing pieces, and to adapt what you can to their needs and lifestyle. this particular couple isn’t living in their “forever” home yet, so i focused on neutral and versatile pieces that can translate to their next home, wherever that may be!


in the spirit of springtime, i thought i would share with you this magical, delicious salad dressing full of raw vegetables. for years, i’ve been in pursuit of the perfect, most fresh-tasting carrot + ginger dressing, and i think i’ve finally found it. this recipe comes from gwyneth paltrow’s most recent cookbook, it’s all good. you don’t even have to be boring like me and use it as salad dressing. this would be perfect on top of some grilled fish, or added to quinoa + raw vegetables to fill you up for lunch.