this is sort of a funny post for me – i’ve never really been a “color” girl when it comes to painting interior walls. as far as paint goes 90% of the time, you can┬ácall me white dove (benjamin moore, OC-17, learn it, love it). i’d so much rather advise a client to decorate with fabrics, as i learned from the wonderfully wise┬ámelissa rufty, rather than have to decorate around the color on the walls. you have to really commit when you pick a wall color – it’s much easier to swap out a sofa pillow fabric than to re-paint walls. that’s my two cents, anyway…



i’ve had my eye on jamie meares of the ever-awesome blog i suwannee and shop owner of furbish studio. she’s been all over the internet in the past year or so with the overwhelming success of her store and design firm. she is fearless, funky, and very, very talented. the thing i love most about her style and aesthetic is that it’s the opposite of matchy-matchy. her motto is “dare to mix” – and in that regard, her interiors come off as effortlessly composed and definitely not trying too hard.


she gets it, and i like it.

whenever i’m in need of some creative juice-flowing, i hop on over to her website where i’m bound to find just the thing. here are my top ten picks from furbish studio!