now that the weather seems to have shifted towards spring, i will allow myself to write this post. spring is not only my favorite time of year in new orleans because of the weather. the colorful prints, the array of vegetables becoming available in the grocery, the sandals, swimsuits, rose wine, white and lace and scalloped shorts – it’s all so inspiring! here is a gatheringĀ of my favorite spring-time things.


blueberries | pomegranate juice | kale | apple | cucumber


detox: it’s a word we probably hear most often in january, when everyone is in reset/diet mode. similarly, one of my resolutions this year was to eat healthier. blah, blah, blah – i’m sure you’ve all resolved to do the same. but i’m trying a more realistic approach; one that allows me to still eat out and indulge every once in a while. i’m resolving to change my eating habits one by one, and this is how i’m going to start! click through to get an easy, not-too-crazy juice recipe…