it finally, finally, finally feels like spring (and probably very soon, summer) is here!



in the spirit of springtime, i thought i would share with you this magical, delicious salad dressing full of raw vegetables. for years, i’ve been in pursuit of the perfect, most fresh-tasting carrot + ginger dressing, and i think i’ve finally found it. this recipe comes from gwyneth paltrow’s most recent cookbook, it’s all good. you don’t even have to be boring like me and use it as salad dressing. this would be perfect on top of some grilled fish, or added to quinoa + raw vegetables to fill you up for lunch.


now that the weather seems to have shifted towards spring, i will allow myself to write this post. spring is not only my favorite time of year in new orleans because of the weather. the colorful prints, the array of vegetables becoming available in the grocery, the sandals, swimsuits, rose wine, white and lace and scalloped shorts – it’s all so inspiring! here is a gathering of my favorite spring-time things.

just warning you, this one’s a good one.

since there’s been so much talk in these parts about the no-meat friday rule during lent, i thought i’d indulge this past weekend on a little bit of good old-fashioned red meat. my man friend and i went over to my parents house to grill some flank steak, and we made these killer korean steak tacos. get your pen and paper ready – you’re going to want to write this one down.