we’re in the midst of a minor renovation for one of my clients who live in the garden district.


this is sort of a funny post for me – i’ve never really been a “color” girl when it comes to painting interior walls. as far as paint goes 90% of the time, you can call me white dove (benjamin moore, OC-17, learn it, love it). i’d so much rather advise a client to decorate with fabrics, as i learned from the wonderfully wise melissa rufty, rather than have to decorate around the color on the walls. you have to really commit when you pick a wall color – it’s much easier to swap out a sofa pillow fabric than to re-paint walls. that’s my two cents, anyway…


working on a very fun project for a young couple that just bought their first new orleans home. it’s got an interesting layout – so definitely a few design problems to solve. who knows where the process will lead me, but i usually do best by starting out with colors. i know this is a pretty glam (feminine) bedroom, but hear me out! love the combination of brass and the various textures of the blush/nude used above. i think if it’s grounded by some navy and rich patterns, a living room could end up feeling sophisticated, comfortable, and sufficiently masculine all at the same time.